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New Car Services

Welcome to the CNC New Car Services!

CNC now provides new car buying and leasing services for all makes and models!

Top 5 reasons to use CNC New Cars Services

1. We can save you time!

  • You tell us what your dream car or truck is and we search throughout the entire country for an exact match. You don't have to spend hours and hours online or drive from dealer to dealer.

2. We can save you money!

  • We get to the bottom line from the start. We have direct contact with each dealerships fleet manager and ensure not only the most competitive price but also rates, trade values, and all other products and services.

3. We are your advocate!

  • Dealerships always want you to take what they have and settle for something THEY want you to buy. At CNC, we want you to get exactly what YOU want.

4. Take delivery of your new vehicle at CNC or in some cases we can even deliver to your home!

  • No waiting for hours to do all the paperwork, waiting to go through the finance process or waiting for your vehicle to be detailed! We get everything done before you get here!

5. Our commitment is to you for the long haul!

  • Customer service can be lost in the mass environment of a car dealership. We cherish you and will be here to help any time day or night!

You have absolutely nothing to lose!! Give us a call and we can give you more reasons to use our service. Contact Aaron "Coach" Johnson today and put his 28 years of experience to work for you! Call or Text: 951-764-5173 or email Coach your wish list at